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Intellectual Property
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Recognizing the value of your Intellectual Property, our legal experts are able to provide state of the art services and unique yet effective solutions to our valuable clients on multi-jurisdictional level.

Intellectual Property
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Registration and Protection of Trademarks, Patents, Industrial designs, Copyrights and more. Your brand is safe in our hands!

Intellectual Property
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We aspire to build business empires with the driving force of innovation whilst offering superior service quality paired with consistency.


A trademark search is a procedure whereby the availability and registrability of a proposed trademark is ascertained by finding out the presence of identical and similar trademarks that are pre-existing in a jurisdiction which might pose as a barrier to secure a trademark registration for the proposed trademark… More

Patent rights are territorial in nature and thus are enforceable in the jurisdictions in which a patent is registered. There is no such patent registration system which can be termed as a universal patent system which would protect a patent in all the jurisdictions… More

A trademark registration grants exclusive rights in respect of the registered trademark in favor of the registrant for a specific period of time which is called as a ‘protection period’. Please note that the validity of a trademark varies from one country to another… More

Legal Protection: A patent registration grants you with exclusive rights on the registered Patent. A patent registration is helpful in preventing third parties from manufacturing, copying, modifying, using, distributing, importing/exporting and selling your invention without your consent…More



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