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When you plan to invest in Dubai business the first time, the most important step is to get the Dubai trade license . So that you can establish yourself successfully, without any interruptions or problems. Trade License is the foremost requirement to be fulfilled before you initiate for the steps of your business establishment. No matter which location do you choose, license is the most essential step before you move ahead.

Business consultants in Dubai offer one stop solution for all the business requirements, that includes the applying of your trade license, looking after all the documentation and requirements. In addition to which, they also keep a track of the expiration of your trade license. So that, they can remind you about the renewal of the same. Most of the leading and popular business Consultants have a good relationship with the authorities and Ministries, so that they can get the sanctions easily and simply for Dubai trade licence.

So that, you do not have to wait for long months time. It is always advisable to obtain the license before you start your business, as you might face problems without it. Being new to the Dubai trade industry, it is better to hit the nail in first attempt. Rather than wasting your time, money and energy. For which you need an efficient professional, who can take care of all your business requirements accordingly.

There are 3 broad categories of licenses in Dubai.

  • commercial trade license
  • professional trade license
  • industrial trade license

Depending upon your requirements and business categories, the business consultants suggest you the one suitable for you. However, there are certain categories like :- financial services, banking sector, insurance companies and other such services. That needs approval from other authorities also, in addition to the department of economic development.

For obtaining the Dubai trade license, there are certain mandates such as registration of the trade name, approval from all the authorities, submission of the application along with the fees. Once your consultant fulfill the criteria, it doesn’t take much time to get the license.

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