Free Zone Business Setup: Maximize Your Potential

Business Setup or Company Formation in UAE Free Zones

UAE Free Zones are designed according to different business or industry categories and offer licenses based on specific categories and have been a huge success in the UAE commerce. Dubai’s self sustainable Free zones have attracted a large number of companies and foreign direct investments, expanding net non-oil export revenues.

An Independent Free Zone Authority (FZA) governs each free zone, and is responsible for issuing FTZ operating licenses and assisting companies with establishing their business in the FTZ.

Investors can establish their company in any Free Zone either as

  • a Free Zone Establishment / FZE (one shareholder)
  • Free Zone Company / FZCO (multiple shareholders)
  • as a branch of their parent company based within the UAE or abroad.

Such companies can be solely owned by the foreign investors with no involvement of a UAE National or sponsor. Some activities may require prior approvals from the competent authorities depending on the product / activity required by the investor.

Benefits of Establishing a Freezone Company

  • 100 % Foreign Ownership
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • 100% exemption of import and export duties
  • Cost effective options
  • Staple and clear regulation
  • No Personal Income Tax
  • No Corporate Tax
  • State of the art infrastructure