How to Set Up a Freezone Company in UAE?

Setting up a free zone company in Dubai has become the number one destination for many investors. The privileges and benefits that a Freezone company enjoys have attracted investors from all over the globe to make Dubai the number one business destination in the region. What is a freezone company? And what does it take to set up a freezone company in the UAE? This guide will clear up all about freezone companies in the UAE.



What is a Freezone Company?



You can set up a freezone company without even being in UAE. There are many free zones in the UAE, and it’s all up to you to choose the zone that suits your business.

Perks of Setting up A Freezone Company in UAE

There are many perks to setting up a freezone company in UAE, such as:


  • Tax benefits include zero corporate taxation. Tax and personal tax.
  • Total company ownership.
  • 100% reparation of capital and profits.
  • No restrictions on currencies.
  • 100% import and export Tax exemption.

High-end networking and lifestyle can be added to the attractive perks of setting up a freezone company in UAE.

Decide on Your Business Activity 

Choose a suitable business activity you should register your company. After all, the type of license you will issue depends on the nature of your company activities, whether e-commerce, trading or commercial, etc.

  • Choose a Freezone

There are many free zones in UAE; all you need to do is decide on the freezone your business will operate from.

  • Choose a Company Name

Ask yourself, should the name evoke emotions? Should it be high-class? In addition, you should consider other naming conventions that might affect the naming of your business.

  • Apply to License Application

Now it’s time to apply to get the license for your company. There is a particular form that you must fill out carefully and submit certain documents.

  • Apply for UAE Residence Visas

You must apply to get a visa yourself and anyone else you might be sponsoring.

  • Open a Corporate Bank Account

This is the last and easiest step of all. After accomplishing all the above steps, you need to open a bank account with the company name you have already chosen.

Setting up a free zone company in Dubai can be accessible simply by following these steps and getting professional support from corporate consultants whose team can help you set up a business in Dubai smoothly.