Privacy Policy

Axiom mark always adheres to the law enforeced by the uae government and ensures to protect its clients privacy including personal and professional information.

We, at axiom mark, ensure to protect information of our website visitors and hence have designed this policy with terms and conditions to explain how we maintain the privacy of our clients who agrees to share their information.

Basic information

We collect, store and use basic information of our clients viz, name, address, email id, or any other personal information that you have entered on our website

Specific information

We collect, store and use information viz, ip address, location, browser, page views etc of our client who visits our website.
Any information that you may share including your contact details or personal information, while you fill up any forms on our website for receiving notifications, circulars, newsletters or manuals or any relevant information.

How we use the information

We use the information based on your acceptance of our terms and subsequently use the same for promoting business purposes, sending news letters, circulars, invitations and answering your queries.

We only disclose personal information with your consent and data protection law, to our inhouse team, associates, business partners or any other third party which may be necessary for the disclosure.

We use the information :

  1. For protecting and safe gaurding legal rights,
  2. For disclosing information to any of our furture business partners necessary for carrying out the services.
  3. To any court of law if so required for purpose of disclosing in any legal issues arising

We assure not to provide personal information to any other third party which is not part of this policy unless the law requires to do so.

Mutual consent and contract

We do not disclose any personal information without your consent and without a contract in place with third party which is in adhered to the local laws on data protection.


We retain the information with your consent and remove it once we receive a written notice from you or until the law requires to do so.
Data can be maintained / retained if there is any ongoing litigation.


We at axiom mark, ensures to protect your data from loss and misuse only to the extent that the information while being transferred is not stored by any other third parties without our knowledge through internet.


We use cookies to protect the information.

Amendment to the policy takes place as and when required based on the feedback and the changes in the data protection law which shall be updated on our website.

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