Register a Logo and Give Unique Identity to your Business

Register a Logo and Give Unique Identity to your Business

A logo is a symbol which is used by a company to represent their image and their identity. A logo can be a name, an image, symbol or an emblem which is designed specifically for that organization or company. Logo is designed because it can give you a message of the company, these days logos are basically designed by graphics. When we design a logo, it needs our thought process on the company work and culture and how we want to represent our company through our logo.

A logo cannot be copied by any other company because every company has their unique brand logo. A logo must be a reminder of a company because it shows the company image. It should represent the company work and easy to remember. It should associate with the company and its process. A logo is a symbol or a name or a composition of name and graphics but it should relate to the company and its work. Designing a logo is not easy because we have to design it like we have to implement the company culture in that.

The purpose of logo is to create awareness in the market for the company. We must register our logo or trademark, because these things are unique in it and we have indulged our mind in creating the logo. When we register the logo that logo cannot be used by any other company for their benefit. If we do not register the logo, any other company can use that logo and they can make it theirs. So we must register our logo and trademark.

When you want to register your trademark or logo you have to submit an application in ministry of Economy and commerce of UAE and Dubai. The logo must be unique and does not match with any other company logo and trademark. You can take help of us in registering your logo and trademark registration.

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