Anti-Counterfeiting, Intellectual property plays a very important role in today’s increasingly competitive business environment by protecting your ideas or innovations that give your business a competitive edge. Leveraging intellectual property assets can open new revenue streams for your business necessary for its sustainable growth and development. Therefore, safeguarding these assets is critical for your business.

However, vulnerability to counterfeiting and piracy may pose a serious threat to your business as it does to economic growth and innovation on a global level. In fact, trafficking/ selling of counterfeited and pirated products is a hugely lucrative business and many organized crime syndicates are increasingly getting involved in it. Therefore, awareness of the tools, resources and best practices that can be useful in combating these illicit trade risks is vital.

Axiom Mark attorneys and skilled investigators have profound insight of the markets in the MENA and South Asia regions and can effectively assist you on cross-jurisdictional basis in:

  • Conducting market investigations/ surveys and intelligence gathering
  • Collecting incriminating evidence
  • Carrying out anti-counterfeiting raids
  • Border enforcement measures
  • Appropriate administrative or legal actions
  • Developing/ implementing result-oriented suitable anti-counterfeiting/ anti-piracy policy/ strategy
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The success story of the “Earth’s Finest” Brand is evident from the Regional reach we have achieved in such a short span of time. We are proud to have Axiom as our partner in protecting the valuable asset our brand and constantly advising, guiding, and counselling on the best enforcement and protection strategies in the entire GCC Region. Despite fierce market competition; Axiom has successfully provided impeccable legal services and done so in a cost-effective manner. Through Axiom we have secured 24 trademark registrations for our brand across the entire region. Based on our experience, we recommend Axiom IP to all those seeking efficient IP Registrations across the Middle East region.

Lakshan Mandawala
, LA International Pvt Ltd

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