Industrial Design

Industrial Design

An industrial design is the ornamental or esthetic aspect of an article and may consist of two-dimensional (such as pattern, lines, or colors) or three-dimensional (such as shape of a product) features. Once an industrial design is created, to be able to make its exclusive advantageous use in the market, you need to seek its registration. In order for a design to qualify for legal protection, it is generally required to be novel and original. Industrial design rights are territorial and are granted protection only for the country/ territory where they are registered. Hence, protection for industrial designs is sought by filing separate registration applications with the IP office of the countries or regions of interest. In some countries industrial designs are protect under patent law and are called ‘design patents’.

Your product design plays a vital role in achieving success for your business as well as in enhancing daily life for consumers. The design features of a product are created to engage and form emotional connections with the end-user. This goal is achieved while integrating all aspects of function and form of the product which is required to be visually appealing, having the ability to stand the test of time and providing the best possible user experience.

In the fiercely competitive and consumer-oriented markets of today, the manufacturers are faced with a two-pronged challenge. On one hand the development cycles are shorter and on the other hand consumers are becoming more perceptive. To meet this challenge, industrial designers play a vital role during the development process owing to their knowledge of consumer preferences and market insights.

At Axiom Mark, our extensively experienced attorneys would be pleased to provide you professional advice and assistance in seeking protection for your industrial designs and enforcing your rights in these in the UAE and anywhere in the world.

Our services:

  • Preparation, filing and prosecution of registration application
  • Enforcement of rights
  • Assignment and licensing of rights

Why do you need to plan and incorporate your industrial design at the very beginning itself?

  • Legal Support to protect your design from competitors
  • Improved Marketing Practices and Enhanced Product Functionality
  • Proper Planning and Implementation
  • Establish an emotional connect to the Brand
  • Rule out Competition and establish a niche for your brand
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