IP Portfolio Management

IP Portfolio Management

The key elements of effective Portfolio management by Axiom Mark include in general: systematic review and audit of IP; advising on/ determining the right type of IP right protection; advising on/ ensuring comprehensiveness of IP protection; advising on/ ensuring maintenance/ renewal of various types of IP rights; advising on/ ensuring compliance with local requirements, rules and laws of various jurisdictions; alerting clients to infringements/ potential infringements or conflicts; conducting risk assessment and advising on/ assisting in its management; and advising on/ assisting in taking remedial measures.

Your IP is one of the most important business assets that you have. It takes an enormous amount of time, research, and investment to create, develop, own or acquire IP assets. These are meant to give you a competitive edge in the marketplace whilst establishing a revenue stream necessary for your continued growth.

However, as IP is an intangible asset, to realize its full potential, besides legal protection it also requires good management. The need to organize and manage IP assets properly becomes urgent in the increasingly competitive atmosphere in today’s marketplace.

Your well-organized/ well-managed IP portfolio by Axiom Mark will bring you the following benefits:

  • Advantageous position in the market/ competitive edge
  • Adequate protection for your IP rights in the fiercely competitive markets
  • Minimizing the risk of infringement of your IP rights by third parties
  • Added value to your business
  • Enhanced opportunities for investment and partnership
  • Enhanced ability to efficiently handle any issues relating to your IP
  • Ability to make better-informed business decisions/ plans/ strategies integrated with your IP
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The success story of the “Earth’s Finest” Brand is evident from the Regional reach we have achieved in such a short span of time. We are proud to have Axiom as our partner in protecting the valuable asset our brand and constantly advising, guiding, and counselling on the best enforcement and protection strategies in the entire GCC Region. Despite fierce market competition; Axiom has successfully provided impeccable legal services and done so in a cost-effective manner. Through Axiom we have secured 24 trademark registrations for our brand across the entire region. Based on our experience, we recommend Axiom IP to all those seeking efficient IP Registrations across the Middle East region.

Lakshan Mandawala
, LA International Pvt Ltd

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