Legal Translation

Legal Translation

Legal Translation, The major hurdle, aspiring entrepreneurs who start their firm in the UAE face is the language disparity. Almost all government documents and records are maintained in the local language also and it is mandatory for all registrations, renewals and applications to be translated to Arabic irrespective of the nationalities of the applicant.

At Axiom Mark, we are equipped with inhouse Certified Sworn Legal Translators and we provide accurate, well written translations without changing the style and the context of the document making sure to meet the regulatory requirements of UAE. Ensure your legal documents are precise and clear, Ask the experts at Axiom Mark for more information.

Our Services include:

  • Translation Services – English to Arabic and vice versa by a Certified Legal Translator
  • Drafting all kinds of agreements to protect foreign investors / POA/ Share Sale Agreements
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The success story of the “Earth’s Finest” Brand is evident from the Regional reach we have achieved in such a short span of time. We are proud to have Axiom as our partner in protecting the valuable asset our brand and constantly advising, guiding, and counselling on the best enforcement and protection strategies in the entire GCC Region. Despite fierce market competition; Axiom has successfully provided impeccable legal services and done so in a cost-effective manner. Through Axiom we have secured 24 trademark registrations for our brand across the entire region. Based on our experience, we recommend Axiom IP to all those seeking efficient IP Registrations across the Middle East region.

Lakshan Mandawala
, LA International Pvt Ltd

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