The Process of Setting Up an Event Management Company in Dubai, UAE

The events industry in Dubai has always been thriving prosperously, which in turn contributes massively to the emirate’s economy. Many sectors in the city are auspiciously stimulated by the relevant, organized events. These sectors span the food and beverages industry to tourism, hospitality, transportation, and infrastructure. As a result, the appropriate economic authorities in Dubai take a positive view of Dubai’s events sector, seeing a surge in the number of businesses being set up frequently.


Through this article, we will help you get acquainted with the process of setting up an events management company in Dubai and how Axiom Mark can be of great help in facilitating the procedures for you to ensure a smooth business setup in this vibrant city.


The Location You Want to Set Up Your Business In

Before you set up your company, your business goals would determine whether you will choose Dubai Mainland or one of the city’s free zones. A location in the latter offers tax concessions, full repatriation of profits, and a streamlined, easy-to-follow business registration process. However, a mainland business in Dubai has broader access to clients in and out of the UAE and offers more options to diversify in the future.


Submitting The Chosen Trade Name

You must obtain approval for your event management company’s name before applying for a business license. But different government bodies have their regulations concerning trade names, so you must familiarize yourself with them before submitting your proposal. For companies in the Dubai mainland, the Department of Economic Development will issue the approval. However, the relevant regulatory authority will look after the process in a free zone. Axiom Mark can take care of this step and help ease this process.

Applying for a Trade License

The trade license will enable your business to carry out activities ranging from hospitality management to event promotion. However, you must specify in the license application the activities your company will be engaged in. This vital step should be completed after carefully drafting a business plan.

An events management company set up in Dubai cannot carry out activities not explicitly stated in its license, so ensure there are no accidental omissions. Otherwise, the license will have to be amended. Axiom Mark can take care of this step to avoid any errors that will cost you time and money. 

As mentioned before, while the businesses in the free zones shall apply to their respective authorities, for event management companies opening in the mainland, the business licensing process is handled by the Department of Economic Development. Moreover, while both business owners who are UAE residents and those who do not have to submit a completed application form, business owners who are UAE residents must submit their passport, emirates ID, colored photograph, and residence visa. In contrast, non-residents must submit their passport copy, colored photograph, visit visa copy, or on-arrival entry stamp copy.


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