The simple process of business license renewal in Dubai

The simple process of business license renewal in Dubai

The business license renewal process in Dubai is very simplified and the process has a fast turnaround time for the benefit of the business owners. The value of time, resources, energy has been a priority for the department of economic development (DED), Dubai. To speed up the process the department has taken active initiatives, including online renewal.

The first and foremost step to get a business license renewed is checking the tenancy contract; it should be a valid one. Else, it is a must to get it renewed first. A tenancy contract in Dubai must be attested by the Real estate regulatory authority.

The owners of a company only can open an online account with the department of economic development, Dubai. The owners of the company are required to submit their personal documents with the department in order to get their account opened online. For obvious reasons it is mandatory to have the registered online account under the name of the owner or business head of the company.

If a business license is not renewed before the expiry date, a monthly fine is imposed until the license is renewed. The renewal application along with the requisite documents can be submitted with the authorized service providers, authorized legal firms or online. The department of economics has an auto renewal service as well.

Authorized personnel of a company are required to send an SMS with the company’s license number to a particular number. A payment voucher is sent to the mobile from where the SMS had originated, mentioning the exact fee to be paid. The payment can be made through the channels discussed earlier. The renewed license copy will be sent to the email address registered with the DED and an SMS will also be sent.

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