Why is 2017 the right time to relocate to dubai?

Dubai is a city in United Arab Emirates and is very well known for its architecture, nightlife and shopping. People go head over heels when they visit Burj Khalifa, a dominating sky scraper which is 830 meters tall tower and it is the tallest building in the world for now. They have a mind blowing artificial resort The PalmJumeirah Resort, with water and marine animals. This resort has countless mansions and it required 94 million cubic meters of sand to be imported to build it. This beautiful city doesn’t need and any reminder when it comes to chocolates and gold. Anyone returning from Dubai to their home town will definitely have chocolates and gold in their bag. There are few facts that make this place a wonderful place to live in. The class and the style of living is very impressive, a city with no crime and so is considered the safest city to live.

Many people consider the right time to relocate to Dubai is 2017. Dubai is a very rich city with a lot of opportunities to earn good money. Dubai is the fastest growing city in the world. In late 1960’s it was simply a pile of sand with only one large building on it and a dozen of cars moving around the sand. In last 50 years, the rate at which Dubai has developed and surprised the world. Dubai from then has been a home to a number of people who relocated from different places. Though Dubai is a tax free city it is so high profile and expensive that only few people can be lucky to relocate and lead a comfortable life. People consider this place as it is the safest city to stay and the Dubai police force takes the pride and a conscious effort to show off how sincere their work is. The cops use high end cars like the Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Ashton Martin. Now the Dubailand, an amusement park is under construction which is twice the size of Disney worldand will be world’s largest tourist attraction on the planet. Dubai being the land of sand, it’s extreme weather with sand storms have been a constant concern, the temperatures go upto 120 degrees and if the city wasn’t with air conditioning and vertical cooling systems, the buildings would also probably melt. Vertical cooling systems are the pumps installed to push the water upwards through the buildings to cool them down. Dubai is in the process of building a climate controlled city with in itself. Now people who are going to visit Dubai or relocate to Dubai need not worry about the sweltering desert heat because this new city which is yet to be named is going to have air conditioning walkways to get people from street to street and building to building, adding on fun to shopping, walking and eating at the maximum comfort of the public. All these progress encourages and attracts people to relocate to this wonderful place in 2017.

The major attraction for people to relocate to Dubai in 2017 is the Expo 2020 host by Dubai. The Expo 2020 in Dubai will showcase and explore everything that is possible when new ideas and people connect. It is the festival of human ingenuity with collaboration and partnership. It would be a six month long exhibition of trade, innovation and products from around the world. 25 million visits are expected from the day of opening, that is 20th October 2020 to 10th April 2021. 70% of the visitors are expected to visit this show from all parts of the world. It is a huge show with more than 200 participants which include educational institutions, multinational organizations and nations. They have around 30,000 volunteers from different places, ages, cultures and backgrounds to help to run the show. This event is inviting the youth of today especially to be a part of this shared vision and help to create a lasting legacy. Basically Expo 2020 is to aim to work with others and accelerate the development which would have been far behind their reach. This show has been the talk of the town because it is going to boost tourism and would increase the economy in Dubai. There would be a boom in the real estate and a lot of job opportunities. The highlight of this event is the completion of ten projects with the investment of billions of dirhams. Work has commenced with developers continuing to unveil the mega development in Dubai. The projects are Dubai creek harbor, Dubai water canal, Museum of the future, Blue waters island, Dubai frame, Dubai theme parks, Deira island, Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum (MBR) city, Aladdin city and Al Mamzar Beachfront.

Keeping all these points in mind, 2017 is the best time to relocate to Dubai. Expo 2020 is going to offer loads of opportunities for the growth of industries and organizations. The salaries would be higher with the facility of being tax free city, you go up the ladder quite soon, life style would be much better than what is was in your home town, it is a safe and a multicultural city. By working in Dubai you get to create a network with people from many countries and get valuable international experience. The facilities for children like education, extra co curricular activities and care taking options are ample. There are advantages and disadvantages in any place you choose to live, it’s important to always weigh your advantages against the disadvantages and make your decision.

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