Why Set Up Your Company in Dubai?

Dubai, a nation that sparks the interest of many to live, work and invest in this property. Conveniently situated between Europe, Asia and Africa, Dubai is a cosmopolitan city at the crossroads of Europe. The fast-growing market of this country has brought in the greatest standards of comfort and convenience with the conventional experience of Arabia.

As of now, Dubai is always known as a perfect place for doing many small business tasks due to its strategic geographic location and the strong economy. Still, there are a lot more reasons that draw the interest of international investors.

1) Dubai is a Commercial Capital

Dubai ranking 15th in world top international commercial centres. Being a fast-growing commercial hub it has its perks, especially for new businesses. Dubai stands a worldwide renowned leader since Dubai has an excellent transport system, it gives low taxation for new companies. Dubai thrives on the oil-driven market that offers a much stable economy

2) No-taxation Policy

The oil-rich city has among the world’s greatest per-capita incomes. There are no personal income or capital gains taxes here. Also, Dubai has no restriction on repatriation of capital and profits.

3) A Hub of Multinationals Company

Many international large players such as Microsoft, LG Electronics, HP, Oracle, Nokia, Sony, Boeing, HSBC, Adidas and BBC World have their regional offices in Dubai.

4) Business-Friendly Ecosystem

The government-pro business environment with the most transparent business regulations in the area, tax-free zones, infrastructure that is exceptional infrastructure, and skilled workforce would be the key contributing factors that constitute the business-friendly ecosystem in Dubai

Initial Setup cost for company formation in Dubai

Every type of business, before establishing a Company in Dubai, should analyse about the initial expenses. Dubai’s tax-free character is an attractive characteristic for entrepreneurs around the globe. Even though there are lots of hidden charges involved to kick-start your company. First approval/ immediate permit, Trade name consent, Office rent, Drafting the contract and Court Agreement Attestation, Memorandum of Association Attestation, Referral services charge and public squander municipality commission, Ministry of Economy fee, Trade license, etc. will be the one-time costs included while setting up a business in Dubai. Apart from this, a Couple of annual expenses to afford is Commercial Licence fee, Chamber of Commerce fee, Commercial services improvement fee and Market fees

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