Best trade opportunities for a successful business setup in Dubai

Have you made up your mind for a business setup in Dubai? No doubt, Dubai is one of the most alluring business destinations in the world. The emirate provides various benefits for entrepreneurs like 100 percent company ownership, 100 percent repatriation of capital, 100 percent tax exemption and much more. But, choosing the right trade from myriads of opportunities is very important for a successful business setup in Dubai.

Here, let us cover different business opportunities in Dubai that will help you to realize the entrepreneur within you.


Online shops have seen a huge boost in Dubai in the last few years due to the gradual progress in digital mediums like laptops and android mobiles. It gives immense flexibility and ease of purchase without much loss of time and effort. People are very busy today with a hectic lifestyle and ecommerce helps to save much time, as it eliminates the need for travelling. The pandemic crisis has again broadened the scope of ecommerce as it has got upgraded from an option to a necessity. Dubai accommodates a diverse population with different tastes due to which e-commerce sector will only see a rise in the long run.


Dubai is a continuously developing city with huge buildings and skyscrapers consistently being added to the already existing infrastructure. This provides much scope for various businesses related to the construction industry such as planning and designing, concrete mixing, landscaping, roofing, glass/wooden paneling and much more. There are also various international events and expos happening every year in Dubai that adds to the opportunities in construction sector.


Healthcare industry is an area that will always have relevance at all times. Population is on a gradual rise in Dubai and people need advanced healthcare facilities to maintain physical and mental fitness. There are various businesses related to health sector like private hospitals, hospital equipment trading, lab equipment trading, private labs, health clinics etc that can bring huge profit to the management. Dubai also has a free zone wholly committed to healthcare named ‘Dubai Healthcare City’.

Travel Agency

Dubai is a favorite destination for tourists across the globe. Tourism has a major role in augmenting the economic status of the nation. A tourism hub, it offers numerous possibilities for tourists every year including skyscrapers, hotels, malls, beaches, global village, expos and events. Although, travel industry had become a bit dull due to the pandemic, it is reviving at a greater pace than anywhere in the world. So, starting a travel agency for guiding tourists will be a lucrative business option.


Starting a restaurant or café is an ideal business plan for those who wish for a business setup in Dubai with comparatively low investment at the initial stage. Dining out is a part of present day life style and even with the pandemic, restaurants are thriving by providing home delivery service with various offers.  If you can provide delicious cuisines and a fine ambience for the customers, restaurants will turn out to be a successful business option in Dubai.


There are no nations that are completely self-reliable and will need many products to be imported from outside. There will also be many products that are surplus, which can be exported. So, this is a continuous process. Dubai is popular for its import/export business and will surely serve as a great option for a successful business setup in Dubai.


Being an inevitable part of tourism, hospitality sector is a highly booming industry in Dubai. Due to continuous events and expos, hotels in Dubai are always occupied by tourists from various parts of the world. This trend will only increase in the coming years and especially with the Expo 2020 and future expansion plans of Dubai, there will be a great demand for luxury hotels.


Education sector is an essential service that is always in demand throughout the world. In Dubai, with people from various nationalities inhabiting the city, providing quality education to all according to their cultural differences is a great challenge. If you are willing to take up this challenge, starting an educational institution would be an ideal business option in Dubai.

Real Estate

Dubai being a business hub, there is huge demand for property to start various businesses. An ideal space is the primary requirement for starting any business. There is also a growing need for residential spaces to accommodate people floating to Dubai from different nations. So, real estate sector is a highly rewarding choice for your business setup in Dubai.

IT Services

We are living in a digital age where all communication, innovation and administration happen through the digital medium. An advanced nation cannot thrive without the help of IT services. Dubai is a technologically advanced city and all business enterprises rely heavily on IT services. Various IT services like web development, web hosting, mobile apps, digital marketing, software development, infrastructure support and IT consultation are in high demand throughout Dubai. The pandemic crisis has given an additional momentum to this sector and with right guidance you are sure to thrive as an IT entrepreneur in Dubai.


Dubai is a tourism hub and has high demand for entertainment areas like theme parks, clubs, fests, events, photography, television shows etc. Making your investment in the media and entertainment industry will be promising for your future as an entrepreneur in Dubai.


Finance is the core of all businesses. So, as a business capital of the Middle East, Dubai needs a lot of professionals who can handle financial services like accounting, auditing and bookkeeping. If you are a person with good knowledge in financial matters, a finance startup would be the right choice for you.


If you are a person with fine sense of clothing and can appreciate the latest trends and fashions in apparels, starting a textile business in Dubai will turn out to be a profitable trade for you. Dubai is home to people flocking from different countries and is a conglomeration of latest trends in global fashion industry. With right knowledge, you can turn your abilities to a profitable business.


So, as discussed above, Dubai is home to numerous trades that has made it one of the leading business destinations in the world. But, it is necessary to choose the right trade and apt location for your business to make maximum benefit out of the opportunity. Axiom Mark is one of the leading business consultants in Dubai with a trusted service of 10 years in helping numerous entrepreneurs for a hassle free business setup in Dubai. Kindly contact us for any support regarding your business setup and our team is always happy to serve you around the clock.

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