UAE Visas & Benefits

Getting a UAE residence visa is easy with Axiom Mark

Once your business is up and running in the UAE, you as the business owner can apply for your UAE residence visa. You’re also able to apply for UAE visas for your dependants, such as family members or those you hire for your household (for example, your maid, driver or nanny).

The process of applying for a visa or visas – which remains valid for a period of one to two years – is made up of several steps. Axiom Mark is there to help guide you and your dependants through the process, and because we have done this many times before, we’re able to ensure the entire process remains easy and stress-free for you.

With Axiom Mark, each free zone company setup package is designed around the number of visas that are required, and so you will choose the package that best suits your needs. The final price depends on the actual number of visas you need.

The Benefits of having a UAE Residence Visa

It’s important to note that you can also set up a UAE free zone company with Virtuzone without needing to get visas. That is perfectly acceptable and of course, depends on your personal situation and whether a visa would benefit you or is required for your particular circumstances. However, having a UAE residence visa comes with a lot of benefits.

Personal Bank Account

The ability to open a personal bank account (separate from your corporate account).

Sponsor Your Family

The ability to sponsor your family.

UAE Driver's Licence

The ability to obtain a UAE driver’s licence and purchase a vehicle.

Rent Property

The ability to rent property.

TAX Exemption

As a resident of the UAE you will not pay any taxes to the local government.


The UAE is ranked the 2nd safest country in the world by a recent study.