The foundation for any economy has been, and continues to be innovation. The boom in the industrial and manufacturing sector can largely be attributed to innovation. The world is all set to welcome flying taxis and 3D Printed buildings. To foster and nurture the development of innovation and to incentivize innovators the system of patent protection has been in place for centuries. A patent is an exclusive right that is granted to an inventor by a state or a regional patent office allowing the inventor to exclude others having no authorization from the same from commercially exploiting the patented invention for a limited period of time. In layman terminology, patent is a legal certificate which accords the owner exclusive legally recognizable rights to the patented invention and grants monopoly rights to bar others from exploiting the patented invention for a limited period of time. In return, the patentee provides detailed information about the invention. Therefore, the underlying philosophy of patents is a mutually beneficial bargain between the inventor and the public.

However, in consideration of the fact that such a grant of monopoly right can negatively impede innovation in the long run, the patent right exists for a specific period of time (20 years), and not indefinitely – unlike a Trademark. After the lapse of the grant period, the patented invention enters the public domain for further use and improvement by others.

Patent protection is available for any product or process that meets the requirements of novelty, non-obviousness and industrial applicability. Patent rights are territorial in nature and are in general provided protection only in the territories for which these have been granted. To protect your inventions adequately you are required to file patent application in each country or region of your interest.

In the knowledge‐driven economy of today, this is critical that you constantly develop creative or inventive ideas or concepts to improve an existing feature of your product or to add a new feature to it or to develop an entirely new product. Such innovative ideas or concepts once developed may be converted into proprietary technical advantage through patenting. Use of your patented technology may improve your market power, provide you with a competitive edge in business, and offer you higher yields.

Axiom Mark takes pride in having a team of highly competent patent attorneys and professionals who have vast knowledge and experience in a variety of fields of technology and have prepared and filed a large number of international patent applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty. Our patent attorneys are well versed in the laws and regulations of all the major patent jurisdictions and have successfully handled prosecution of thousands of patent applications in many territories.

Our professional services relating to patents mainly include the following:

  • Prior art searches/ freedom to operate searches
  • Opinion on patentability
  • Consultancy on filing options and protection strategies
  • Drafting and reviewing of patent specifications and claims in a variety of fields of technology
  • Patent filing, prosecution, and maintenance
  • Translation of patent specifications, claims, abstracts, and drawings
  • Responding to office actions
  • Handling of opposition/ litigation matters
  • Annuity payments
  • Patent portfolio management
  • Assignment and licensing of patents
  • IP commercialization and transfer of technology
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The success story of the “Earth’s Finest” Brand is evident from the Regional reach we have achieved in such a short span of time. We are proud to have Axiom as our partner in protecting the valuable asset our brand and constantly advising, guiding, and counselling on the best enforcement and protection strategies in the entire GCC Region. Despite fierce market competition; Axiom has successfully provided impeccable legal services and done so in a cost-effective manner. Through Axiom we have secured 24 trademark registrations for our brand across the entire region. Based on our experience, we recommend Axiom IP to all those seeking efficient IP Registrations across the Middle East region.

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