Efficient Pro and Visa Support Services

Dubai, UAE is one of the fastest growing economy in this century, making it a most opted invested hub for entrepreneurs worldwide. The Government follows strict and regulated procedures at all stages of Company registration to facilitate Organizations to be legally bound right from the beginning. However, the process takes time to understand and could be quite daunting for a new comer to run around the various Government Offices to apply for registration, approvals, visas, stamps, trade license, pay fees at various center.

With years of expertise in GCC Countries and a good understanding of the Government regulations, our on-field, highly qualified PRO team navigate you through each process including filling up application forms both in English and Arabic, paying fees, finalizing legal documents and more.

We provide the whole spectrum of PRO and government liaison services. Below is a selection of services which may be particularly relevant to you:

  • Amending or renewing commercial licenses with the Department of Economic Development and Ministry of Economy
  • Cancellation of commercial licenses
  • Company registration with Ministry of Labour
  • Work Permit applications, amendments and cancellations
  • Company registration with Department of Naturalization and Residency
  • Residence Visa applications and cancellations
  • Applying for visas (visit visas, short term mission visas etc)
  • Visa renewal application
  • Authentication of foreign documents at Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Justice
  • Arranging for documents to be translated into Arabic (please note that translation will be handled by an official legal translator at additional cost).
  • Obtaining pre-approval of documents with Notary Public
  • Attendance at Notary Public with you for signing of official documents
  • Setting up bank accounts