Freelancers Are Hot Property in MENA

Reforms made in visa and labour laws in the MENA region, especially in the UAE, have prompted the demand for freelancers across various job market sectors.

Freelancers are in high demand in digital marketing, information technology, graphic design and customer service. A need has also been increasing in other unconventional business areas, such as accounting, banking, finance, HR and recruiting.

87% of freelance professionals in the UAE noticed an increase in demand for their services since the pandemic, and 78% of them believe in doing more freelance work in 2022.

The agility shown by the government to counteract the economic shortfalls that have resulted due to the pandemic, coupled with  the awakening of work-life balance has led to the Great Resignation movement, where millions of employees are leaving stable jobs to opt for the liberties and flexible lifestyle of  freelance work. 

The  innovative and visionary leadership of the UAE has capitalized on this trend creating favourable conditions for employees with various initiatives such as hassle-free visas and easy licensing establishment efforts. A stable and secure lifestyle, solid infrastructure and increased economic stability and growth make the UAE a strong contender when compared to countries in Europe and the USA. 

In addition, the events in the last couple of years has changed the mindset of how businesses opertate. Freelancers are proving to be a flexible and cost effective option and companies are increasingly accepting the idea of hiring freelancers to work on set tasks or projects that are powered by the fast-paced digital world.