The significance of brand registration in UAE

The significance of brand registration in UAE

A trademark serves as an instant identification of a product or service. The motive behind brand registration or trademark registration is also to identify the owner of the brand. The owner(s) of the brand have exclusive rights on the usage of the name, unless they grant permission to use their brand name to an individual or an organisation. A trademark serves as a symbol of reliability; looking at the name, logo, word or words one is able to recognize the brand.

Every brand has its unique identification and value in the market. When one has experienced a service or product of a particular brand and is satisfied from it, one would definitely want to repeat the experience. Although, there are many more factors responsible for a customer to come back, brand recognition remains a major factor.

Many times trademark owners license their brand name to individuals, companies or organisations. They earn decent amount of royalty from it, especially when it is given to multiple vendors. For example, the trademark license of a cartoon character may be given out to multiple people for different sort of merchandise. The trademark owner earns from each licensee, this is another great advantage of brand registration. This gives the brand owner (an individual, group or a company) the right to protect their intellectual property.

Interestingly, the initial trademark laws were passed back in 1266 in England. The famous ‘manufacture and goods mark act’, came into force in 1857. Today, we feel it is utmost important to protect one’s brand identity and brand registration in UAE is the best option to do so.

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