What does the weekend change in the U.A.E mean to the private sector?

Right before we are about to call 2021 “auld lang syne,” the U.A.E Government announced a major shift in working behaviors, to be effective starting from January 1, 2022, and likely to cause a visible impact on the country’s economy in the global market. Saturday and Sunday will become the new weekend, introduced along with the adoption of four and a half-day working days. Although the change is to be applied only in the ministerial-level private sector and education sector at this moment, the possibility has been opened for a large portion of the country, including the private sector to follow the alignment.

The government officials believed that the private sector has been working smart on its terms, thus, the decision of whether to adopt the change is up to the employers. So, what does it mean for the private sector? How can this alignment be foreseen on individual and entity levels?

Better Work-life Balance

It will be a tangible value addition to the U.A.E’s initiatives and practices of protective labor laws and regulations towards the private sector, allowing residents to access better wellbeing in both their personal and professional lives. They will be able to engage in activities they have not done before and spend more time with family, friends, and even themselves which will eventually improve their happiness and peace of mind.

More Productivity

We can already see how everyone is excited over the announcement. This positive impact on the spiritual and mental wellbeing of the residents will result in optimizing new skills, dealing better with stress and anxiety, and improving efficiency and productivity in their workplaces.

Boosted Business & Exchange of Trade

Increasing the number of days the U.A.E is working with the world means increasing business and trade. Matching the days of exchanges, commercial and financial transactions will bring more flexibility and openness to the global partners.

 Increased Market Competitiveness

The opening of the door for more comprehensive facilitation on international links and global opportunities will surely accelerate the competitive nature of the market. A more skilled workforce will be in demand and the growth of the U.A.E economy will be pushed with further momentum despite the odds and challenges of the ongoing pandemic.

It is, indeed, getting very interesting to see how this shift will turn out positively towards the future of the U.A.E. We at Axiom Mark believe that this butterfly effect will positively impact our legal and IP consultancy industry, and we are ready to pave our way in grabbing the best opportunities out of this circumstance for our clients.

Source: Khaleej Times, The National

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