Why consider a business set up in Dubai in 2021?

The world is slowly recovering from the aftereffects of the pandemic that shattered the entire global economy in 2020. The overall impact of virus has lessened and many countries have come up with new vaccines to prevent its further spread. There is also a steady increase in GDP growth rate and is returning to the period before the pandemic. Businesses and organizations have adjusted themselves to the new normal and remote work scenarios.

At this juncture of transition into a new year filled with hopes, every businessman might be thinking of starting a new enterprise or else expanding their trade to new horizons. Here let’s discuss about the grand business hub of Dubai and why it is a lucrative idea to go for a business set up in Dubai in the year 2021.

Business gateway

As we all know, Dubai acts as a gateway connecting East to the West and giving easy access to travelers worldwide. The land is blessed with a centralized location that helps to bridge two hemispheres of the globe. No wonder, Dubai has evolved into a grand hub of business tourism. By setting up a business in Dubai, you gain access to the global market. An LLC company in Dubai gives you unlimited freedom to export your goods to foreign countries and allows you to have good trade relation with other emirates.

Supportive government

The UAE government is highly supportive and has introduced several laws that are favourable for foreign investments and business promotions. There are various departments under the government working exclusively to identify the flaws and hurdles in business sector. These departments also devise different strategies and economic policies conducive to the development of local business as well as foreign investments. So, if you have a business plan that is not lucrative in your country, it will be advisable to go for a business set up in Dubai as the land is still expecting a lot of entrepreneurs to flourish within its territory.

Affordable cost

For every investor, money is the deciding factor while considering a business set up. Dubai is a very profitable option with regard to the investments in setting up a business of your choice. UAE also has various business classifications like mainland, free zone and offshore that allows even small and medium scale enterprises to flourish without the need for much investment. Getting a free zone trade license is much easier compared to any other areas. Also, free zones provide highly cost-effective packages for various trades like IT, ecommerce, retail stores and more.

Global tourism hub

Dubai is world’s leading tourist destination with millions of people from across the globe flocking to view and enjoy this travelers’ paradise. It has several attractions like global village, international expos, picturesque beaches, shopping malls, high tech amusement parks, sky scrappers and much more that offers a wonderful experience to each visitor. It is the largest conglomeration of cultures from all parts of the globe. Thus, it also presents great scope for businesses like hotels, restaurants, spa, event coordination, travel industry and lot more.

Modern infrastructure

Dubai is a highly developed city with the latest developments in global technology being incorporated into the lives of people at a fast rate. You can have access to all modern infrastructure very easily at reasonable cost. This saves you the additional time and investment to import latest amenities for your business from other places. Also, you can build your business in a high-tech manner with the help of these resources.


As we discussed above, Dubai has numerous attractive features like zero percent taxes, lowest import duty, free trade agreements, competitive economy, strategic location and advanced infrastructure that make it one of the best places in the world to do business. At the same time, the guidance and support of an experienced hand will help you a great deal to cross the hurdles of a business set up in Dubai.

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