Your Guide to Offshore Companies in Dubai

Do you know that you can set up your offshore company in Dubai while you aren’t even in UAE? Have you ever heard of all the perks your business might get if you set up an offshore company in Dubai? If so and if you are looking to invest in UAE through an offshore company, the following lines will be of significant help to you and your business. This blog article will delve into all that might help you.

What is an Offshore Company?

An offshore corporation is a business that conducts operations outside of the UAE yet is registered in the country for tax purposes. Your financial assets are securely safeguarded because they are limited liability businesses. Most offshore companies operate in countries with low or almost zero tax on revenues. The UAE is one of the “tax havens” for many investors to set up offshore companies.

How to Set Up an Offshore Company in Dubai?

The procedures are straightforward, but it’s better to have a business set-up consultant as multiple legal documents need to be submittedAxiom Mark will help you set up your business smoothly and walk you through every detail.

The procedure may entail the following:

  • Submit the company’s name (the authorities will choose the final name).
  • Decide on the nature of your business operations.
  • Decide on the ownership structure (number of stakeholders and participants).
  • Collect all needed documents and submit them to the authorities.
  • If you receive the authorization, it’s time to open a bank account.

Now you are all set up for your new business in Dubai. There are many advantages to setting up an offshore business in Dubai. Let us go through each one of them

  • Taxation: offshore companies are tax exempted, with no income tax, no tax on imports, and no corporate tax in the UK.
  • Anonymity: you gain total discretion while your name won’t appear in the official documentation.
  • You can have many stakeholders, up to 50, and there is no need for minimum capital.
  • Operation expenses are low.
  • Fast incorporation process (only takes 2 to 3 days).

To wrap it up, setting up a business in Dubai can result in high revenues and income once established correctly. Make sure you have a well-established team of corporate consultants to get the best of your business set up.