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With a phenomenal success ration in the UAE, Axiom Mark is uniquely positioned to help you through your business setup process. Deep understanding of UAE legislations, a client centric & result oriented focus, multifold experience with various market segments combined with relentless customer service makes Axiom Mark a one stop solution for Business setup in Dubai.

Axiom Mark has a strong portfolio of strategic consultants with versatile cross-market segment experience and a thorough knowledge of UAE norms and legislations to guide you through the various nuances of not only incorporating a company in UAE but to work closely with you to deliver a tailor made solution to bring forth the necessary operational and structural changes across your Organization, and smoothly undergo the registration of your company in a cost-effective manner.

At Axiom Mark, we offer a wide-range of services across verticals to provide a complete one stop solution for your Business setup in Dubai, which include Company registration, UAE trade licenses, government approvals, Visa assistance, PRO services, legal translation services and many more.

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Today, Businesses across the world, face unprecedented market place competition like never before with rapidly evolving technology changes, globally situated customers and an experiential economy. Stability and Sustainable Growth have become the “Wish-ion” of Organizations and Innovation has become the gateway to economic development.

The UAE has long since proven to be a steadily growing economic hub with its state of the art infrastructure, tax free income, Fair Policy and Regulatory Framework, Government Initiatives like Expo 2020, connectivity to all countries and a potential growth in economic development. From ambitious start-up techpreneurs to offshore companies of large Corporate Giants, UAE has become a prime choice to setup businesses.

However, it could be quite daunting to understand the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem of the country like the local policy and regulatory framework, visa process, culture, government legislations, finance and human capital, the existing network and platforms for innovation for a new Venture.

As pragmatic Business Setup Consultants with an eye on execution, we help you implement your dream of setting up a Business in UAE with ease.

How we help you through
the process of business setup in Dubai?

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Experienced Consultants

Axiom Mark’s Experienced Consultants with a keen eye on the GCC Market Business Growth advise you on the precise way to implement your Business either as a Mainland Company or a Free Zone Company.

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Company Formation

Experts at Business Setup in Dubai and Company Formation guide you on the type of the business license suitable for your Business formation in UAE.

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Large Network

With a vast network of successful Business Setups in UAE, Axiom Mark is well connected with SMEs and PROs in the UAE to help you kick start your business in top gear.

Setting up a Company in UAE

We provide fast, reliable and adept professional services to setup companies in Mainland, Freezone and Offshore. The UAE Government has strict and fairly positioned regulatory frameworks to govern new and existing Businesses in the UAE. Contact our Business Consultants to understand the commercial laws that govern your specific business. The first step of Setting up a Business in UAE is identifying the type of license that is appropriate for your type of Business, like

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Commercial License

For Companies with activities related to trade, like consumer supplies, dry goods etc

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Industrial License

For Companies related to Manufacturing or other types of Industrial activities.

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Professional License

For individuals or groups that offer their expertise as a service to the general public like doctors, engineers, mechanics, consultants, IT artists, writers etc

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Tourism License

For individuals or tourism companies like travel agencies, tour operators, for inbound and outbound travels etc.

All Business licenses will be approved and issued by the Department of Economic Development in Dubai (DED).

The next crucial step is to identify the legal form of your Business, if it has to be registered as a Mainland Company or a Freezone Company. Axiom Mark’s Business Consultants will lay out varied options pertaining to your business, explain elaborately on the pros and cons of each legal form and help you choose the right location to setup your company.

Once you have selected the activities and legal form of your Business, you proceed to identify a unique Trade name which distinguishes your Business from others. Contact Axiom Mark’s consultants to help you identify a unique trade name and register a trade license for your business.


What is the process for business setup in Dubai?

The process for business setup in UAE involves several key steps, including selecting a business activity, choosing the appropriate legal structure, registering a trade name, obtaining necessary approvals, and submitting required documentation to the relevant authorities.

Are there restrictions on foreign ownership during business setup in Dubai?

While restrictions on foreign ownership have been eased in recent years, they still vary based on the chosen jurisdiction. In certain sectors, UAE allows 100% foreign ownership, making business setup in the country increasingly attractive to international investors.

What are the advantages of business setup in Dubai free zones?

Business setup in UAE free zones offers advantages such as tax exemptions, full repatriation of profits and capital, 100% foreign ownership, and streamlined procedures. These incentives make free zones an ideal choice for companies seeking a favorable business environment.

How can an offshore company benefit from business setup in Dubai?

Business setup in UAE offshore jurisdictions provides benefits like tax efficiency, confidentiality, and global business expansion. Offshore companies are advantageous for managing international investments, intellectual property, and conducting business with enhanced privacy.

What documents are required for business setup in Dubai?

The required documents for business setup in UAE vary depending on the chosen legal structure and jurisdiction. Generally, documents include passport copies, proof of address, business plans, and specific approvals based on the nature of the business activity.

Yes, it is possible to make changes to the business activity or legal structure after business setup in UAE. However, the process and approvals required may vary, and it’s advisable to consult with business experts to navigate such changes effectively.

What ongoing compliance requirements exist after business setup in Dubai?

After the initial setup, businesses in UAE are subject to ongoing compliance requirements, including annual renewals, financial audits, and the submission of relevant reports. Adhering to these requirements is crucial for the smooth operation and sustainability of the business.

Is it necessary to have a local partner for business setup in Dubai mainland?

While a local partner may be required for certain business activities in UAE mainland, free zones often allow 100% foreign ownership. Understanding the regulations specific to the chosen jurisdiction is crucial in determining the necessity of a local partner during business setup.

How can business setup in Dubai contribute to global market expansion?

Business setup in UAE provides a strategic advantage for global market expansion due to the country’s central geographical location, excellent infrastructure, and connectivity. Companies can leverage these factors to establish a strong presence in international markets.

What role does professional assistance play in ensuring successful business setup in Dubai?

Professional assistance is crucial for navigating the complexities of business setup in UAE. Experienced consultants can provide tailored advice, ensure compliance with regulations, and streamline the process, optimizing the chances of a successful and smooth business setup.

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